Strong cloud accounting


Strong cloud accounting

Cloud ERP for forward-thinking businesses

A financial management solution that fully automates financial processes and manages complex, repetitive accounting operations more effectively. The solution is designed for large organisations.

Electronic invoicing

Automate invoice processes and gain operational and strategic benefits. In addition to cost savings, the ability to automate the invoicing process provides revenue generating opportunities and business efficiency.

System integrations

Flexible integration is supported by an extensive API connection. The solution integrates with other ISV Partner apps for extending and improving your business processes.

Bank integrations

Sending and receiving banking transactions is done automatically. No need to focus on transferring payments to the bank, everything is run in the background. Concentrate on approving payments and working with deviations.


Everyone has access to the most recent numbers and can see the most updated status. Involve all employees by giving access to the system based on roles and needs.

Insights and reporting

Advanced performance reports provide real-time financial analysis with reporting and trackable KPIs. Create dashboards adapted to the organisation’s needs and explore data with queries with pivot table capabilities.


A configurable solution that quickly adapts to the ever-changing business environment without the pain of customisation. Create your own dashboards and reports with deeper analysis.

Access from your mobile

System administrators and employees can access the solution and register data from their mobile phones. This makes it easier and less time-consuming for you to collect necessary data. All employees can register hours, vacation and absence and expenses. As a manager you can access your KPIs via the dashboard, giving you the ability to have all necessary numbers with you at all times.

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