Complete project visibility

Gain complete project visibility

Drive cash flow by automating project accounting and invoicing

Gain deep insights into each project and know if it is on track and aligned with calculated cost and profitably. Track costs, time, expenses to billing, and revenue recognition all from one place. Project Accounting has superior traceability and in-depth integration that helps large businesses utilise and configure the solution for your specific needs.

Improve profit margins

Utilise the collected project data and transform it into useful knowledge when new project bids arise.

Streamline projects

Spend less time and costs on creating new projects by working with templates that standardise your billing and cost allocation.

Track project costs

Gain a complete overview and capture all related costs, such as time, expenses, materials, allocated fixed costs, and third-party costs.

Optimise resources

Measure each employee's tasks, get in-depth insights of utilisation, billable hours, profitability on a project or type of projects.

Control project invoicing

Improve accuracy in the generated project invoice and boost confidence with automated flexible billing.

Improving performance

Stay updated on projects with access to presentable dashboards that show preconfigured KPIs or customised inquires.

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