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We are here to help you

We know how important good support is for your organisation, so we strive to address your questions and solve your problems as quickly as possible. Our ambition is to help you get more value from Visma.net, and to assist you with all support issues along the way.

Basic support

Basic support is included in the Visma.net license and grants you access to Visma’s self-service resources, such as the Visma.net community and the support panel. Within our Visma.net Community, you are able to find and share knowledge and get help from other Visma.net users around the globe. You can also use the support panel within the solution to access online help, FAQs, videos and getting started documentation.

Extended support

For the more severe and complex issues that are business critical, Visma.net offers extended support. Extended support offers a more direct line of communication where you will have access to our team's services. You can reach us by chat, phone or by entering a ticket in our Support Panel. We also provide quality training focusing on your needs. You are able to choose either our courses or video trainings both of which are provided by skilled instructors, so you can rest assured you will get the education you need.

Maintenance windows

Please note that maintenance of all Visma.net services will take place within the following maintenance windows: 

Saturday-Sunday 20:00 - 05:00
Tuesday-Wednesday 22:30 - 04:30
Friday  00:00 - 06:00
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