Expense reports
on the go


Expense reports on the go

Simplify life on the road

Automate travel and business expense reporting, streamline approvals, gain visibility and take control. Visma.net Expense makes it easier for travellers to keep track of and register their expenses.

Expense management

Avoid sending emails and attachments around the company or working with multiple spreadsheets for each settlement. Instead, have everything online so those involved can view the documents and status in real-time.

Benefits of an online expense system

The solution is always available and shows the most recent information. Employees can easily create and submit electronic receipts and expense reports. With an integrated credit card solution that automatically imports transactions, matching outstanding receipts against a credit card transaction becomes easy for employees. They will see a clear overview of which credit card transactions need matching.

For employees who drive to visit clients, a separate route tracking app for tracking mileage and tolls is sent to the solution. This ensures that the employee gets the correct mileage for each visit.

How does it work?

Employees take a picture of their receipt, add the necessary information and send their expenses to their manager for approval. They can link a credit card to the solution and use GPS to track mileage. Visma.net Expense provides your organisation with a modern and efficient expense and reimbursement solution. As a manager, you can approve expense claims via mobile and handle incoming documents.

Visma.net Expense can be used as a stand-alone solution or it can be integrated with Visma’s payroll systems. The integration ensures that all eligible travel expenses will quickly be added to the payroll system. The end result? Remaining a step ahead of your competition.

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