Conflicts of interest

A “conflict of interest” exists when a person’s private interest interferes in any way - or even appears to interfere - with the interests of Visma. A conflict situation can arise when an employee or officer takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult to perform his or her work objectively and effectively. Conflicts of interest may also arise when an employee or officer, or a member of his or her family, receives improper personal benefits as a result of his or her position in Visma. Loans to, or guarantees of obligations of, employees and officers and their family members by Visma may create conflicts of interest and in certain instances are prohibited by law.

It is a conflict of interest for an employee or officer to work for a competitor, customer or supplier.  You should avoid any direct or indirect business connection with our customers, suppliers or competitors, except as required on our behalf.

Conflicts of interest are prohibited as a matter of Visma policy, except as approved by the Board of Directors. Conflicts of interest may not always be clear-cut, so if you have a question, you should consult with your manager or follow the procedures set out in this code. Any employee or officer who becomes aware of a conflict or potential conflict should bring it to the attention of a supervisor, manager or other appropriate personnel or consult the procedures provided in this Code.