Social media

We are present in social media to be more available for our customers, support sales, to listen to learn and to strengthen our brand and our reputation. We aim to inspire, engage, learn and sell more, based on our corporate values:





Team spirit

We will: active in listening

..participate where natural and in accordance with roles quick in responding

..act on criticism and customer complains

..make it easy to find our offerings

How? Remember where you work and be active in social media, clear about working in Visma – always identified by name and title.

Think about your role description before communicating – you are never anonymous on social media.

Be personal in style, but not private – not commenting on private issues.
Think about consequences for Visma before you publish and do not publish if you are angry or in stress.

Remember, everything is traceable, transparent and reaches out to many.

Don’t give away your company - and don’t give away yourself!

Comment on relevant facts when they are wrong.

Always answer customers complaining.

Always answer questions about existing products/services.

Always to follow up after answering

Discuss difficult cases with your management or corporate communication before posting an answer.

Avoid words like never/always – do not promise more than you/Visma can deliver

If uncertain about who should respond, alert according to response diagram found in the Social Media Strategy document.

Do not comment on rumours and speculations about acquisitions, numbers, future products/services, change in strategy, changes in organisation etc.

We never speak badly about others, customers, employees, competitors etc

Corporate Intranet is the correct channel for internal information.

In a situation of crisis, the Corporate communication department will handle internal and external communication. Contact Corporate Communication if you have questions.

Use of logo and Corporate Images

- All use of logo on official accounts should be according to the Graphical Guidelines of Visma