Corporate Environmental and Social Governance Policy

Visma Corporate Environmental & Social Governance policy

The Board of Directors of Visma AS is committed to the principles of good corporate governance in order to build trust and contribute to long-term value creation for the benefit of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

The purpose of the principles is to ensure an appropriate division of roles between shareholders, the Board of Directors and the executive management, more comprehensively than is required by legislation.

The principles for good corporate governance at Visma are based on the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (the Code), issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NCGB).

Being an unlisted company, Visma is not formally required to report compliance or explain deviations from the code. However, the Board of Directors is focused on good corporate governance practice. The principles for good corporate governance that are relevant to Visma and its current ownership structure are based on the Code of 23 October 2012. The Code can be found at

The main principles for corporate governance in Visma are:

  • Visma’s Board of Directors is independent of the Visma Group’s Corporate management team.
  • Structures are established to ensure the separation of roles and to provide the Board with effective measures to execute its functions. Visma’s communication with its stakeholders must be open and reliable both in terms of the development of the company and all issues related to corporate governance.

Download the Corporate Environmental & Social Governance policy (152 kb)