Reducing energy consumption, paper waste, and emissions

Visma creates green footprints. Our focus on environmental and social responsibility comes down to making our own contribution as well as providing our customers with environmentally friendly products, services and technologies.

The main priorities of Visma’s efforts for sustainability and green footprint include:

  • Improved workflow efficiency with efficient solutions
  • Green IT and energy saving
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Web-based data capture is growing in many areas in both private and public enterprises. With our solutions, time sheet system are digitalised and employees receive their payslips electronically, which reduces paper usage significantly.

More than half of Norway’s municipalities use our financial software solutions to send electronic invoices. This means that our solutions for electronic document flow reduce printing and copying as well as internal mailing. We concentrate on improving the efficiency of internal processes and procedures in the same way as we do for our external customers.