Corporate values and ethical guidelines

The Board of Directors of Visma has defined the company’s corporate values. These values have been comprehensively communicated and are known throughout the Visma Group. The values are listed below:


Show respect for colleagues, clients and their businesses.
Always represent Visma in an appropriate manner.


Be loyal, to Visma's directives and honour the agreements that have been made with clients, colleagues and others. Surprise, in a positive way.


Quickly adopt new solutions, when they enable greater productivity in your own work. Contribute to improving the efficiency of the client's business processes.


Rely on your own skills and be eager to learn as well as to help colleagues to learn. Ensure that you are well-versed in your own products and services while focusing on the client's processes.

Team spirit

Share knowledge and resources with others, and help to make it possible for your colleagues’ strengths to be used in the best interests of the company. Our team spirit must benefit our customer relationships.

The company has a Code of Conduct and a corporate culture that is based on these corporate values.