Sustainability and responsibility

Visma’s aim is help to maintain the competitive edge of Northern European companies and government bodies through the automation of administrative processes. Visma defines its responsibility as the way the company’s business objectives are fulfilled; this includes ethical operations and respect for the environment as well as a commitment to positive social impact.

Visma continuously develops its operations through innovation in technology and associated skill sets. The company’s main objective is to provide its customers with the best skills available. Visma’s core purpose is to secure and manage its customers’ everyday business processes.

Visma has additionally established policies to ensure that managers and employees across the Group work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

We work towards:

  • Providing IT solutions that keep our customers one-step ahead of their competition

We are here to:

  • Promote competitiveness and contribute to the creation of growth and effectiveness for our customers