The Code of Conduct in brief

Complete confidentiality must be maintained with respect to information about colleagues, clients and business associates.

Respect must be shown in all relationships, external as well as internal, based on principles such as equality and diversity.

Situations that might create external or internal conflicts of interest must be avoided.

Visma upholds diversity in its appointment of people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. As a workplace, Visma has a neutral attitude to religion and philosophy of life. In order to avoid conflicts in the workplace, no form of religious preaching, agitation or religious provocation is permitted.

Zero tolerance applies to benefits or gifts that may be regarded as improper or may engender a sense of obligation.

Actions and decisions must be handled in such a way as to bear both external and internal investigation.

Employees, management and their close families may not receive loans or obtain other benefits from clients and suppliers.

Employees and management may not use knowledge obtained about clients' trade secrets or customer base to their own advantage.

Employees or management must not work on projects or have direct or indirect financial interest in or appointments or positions with Visma's competitors.

Each employee and manager is personally responsible for disclosing partiality and cases of doubt to his/her superior.