Data protection

Visma is currently working on developing and implementing a new data protection policy that is to be compliant with the coming EU data protection regulation.

Percentage of Data Protection Officers that have received relevant training within the last 12 months

  • Percentage of employees that have received basic data protection/privacy training
  • Number of data protection policy breaches
  • Number of data protection policy breaches related to IT security

IT system security

Visma is currently working on developing and implementing a new IT security policy, and related to this a set of KPIs. Some of the KPIs below will be updated accordingly going forward:

  • Percentage of personnel who received annual information and security awareness training
  • Security Incidents (exceeding threshold)
  • Security Incidents related to malicious software
  • Percentage of system's audit log files reviewed when required per time period
  • Corrective actions required by ISO27001 audit pending implementation
  • Average percent of relevant security requirements addressed in third party agreements

Other fraud, abuse and legal

Copyright disputes and infringements

  • Fraud cases
  • Number of reported cases of corruption
  • Number of court judgements filed against Visma (>75,000 NOK)

Employer responsibility

Visma aims at developing, inspiring and retaining our people, and build their competencies and skills. Courses are offered on Group level within leadership development (Visma Management Academy - VMA and Visma Leadership Training - VLT), soft skills and recruitment. In 2015, 33 managers attend VMA and 200 employees attend VLT. In addition, courses to develop the employees both professionally and personally are offered in the respective companies throughout the Group.

  • Employee Net Promoter Score
  • Annual employee turnover
  • Number of participants Visma Management Academy /Visma Leadership Training

Equal opportunities

  • Percentage of females in middle management
  • Percentage of females in top management

Health and Safety

  • Number of reported accidents at the workplace

Environmental impact

As a software company with the majority of operations in countries were electricity is primarily generated from hydropower, Visma's carbon footprint is mainly related to travel activity as well as disposal of hardware.

  • Percentage of disposed hardware that is recycled
  • Average travel cost per employee