Visma shall provide software and services making the work lives of people easier and more productive and creating genuine business value to our customers.  Our goal and proof of success are customers recommending us to their friends and colleagues.

We shall align our deliveries with the expectations of our customers regarding  functional requirements, information security, stability, integration capabilities, service levels and prices. To ensure that the solutions provided are rapidly adopted by users, we will aim for intuitiveness and availability on any device in our design work.

We will hire and develop people having capabilities and attitudes to deliver quality according to this policy. Visma people shall be innovative team players acting respectfully, honestly, proactively and creating business value to our customers.

The management of Visma is committed to great customer experiences and being compliant with applicable legislation in the countries of our operations. The central tenet of the quality policy is that quality improvement is the individual responsibility of each employee; thus Visma has no separate quality departments. Contribution to quality improvement is part of the job for all. Managing Directors in all Visma companies hold the role of Quality Managers, and they are in every respect responsible for the quality of their deliveries and conduct of their organizations. Middle management have the additional responsibility of being responsible for the quality in his or her department and for being a driving force behind the quality work.

In order to achieve the above policy goal and make the quality of our software and services a primary competitive advantage of Visma, internal processes must be well documented and  part of a continuous improvement process. Implementation of dedicated risk and quality management systems and relevant certifications is encouraged for all companies in the Visma Group. A rigorous quality system will achieve cost and liability reductions for the Group, as well as, be a driver for profit maximisation.

We continuously monitor our success concerning quality by the metric Net Promoter Score (NPS).