Working environment, organisation and equality

Visma has a clear focus on retaining and further developing skilled and dedicated employees. Several courses are offered on group level, as well as further down in the organization, with the purpose of increase competence and ensure career development. This includes leadership development programs. Moreover, Visma focuses on attracting the best and brightest young professionals and offers several trainee programs.

Visma emphasizes activities within HSE (health, safety and the environment) and has designated HSE groups and a head safety delegate. HSE procedures form part of Visma's ISO 9000 approved quality system.

Visma conducts a joint, international Employee Engagement Survey (EES) aiming to uncover the work climate and employee engagement in the organization. The survey is conducted twice a year and each department shall establish target figures for the individual areas of focus for each year. The knowledge our managers obtain from such surveys is necessary to facilitate the development and further improvement of the work environment and corporate culture.

Visma believes that a relatively balanced gender ratio contributes to a better working environment, greater creativity and adaptability, and better results in the long run. To promote the principle of equal opportunity for both genders, Visma has implemented the following measures to strengthen and secure the gender balance: 

    • If qualifications are the same in other respects, the underrepresented gender will be appointed when hiring new employees or filling vacant positions.
    • Opportunities for training and promotion are independent of gender.
    • Guidelines on equal opportunities have been sent to all managers in the Group and have been reviewed in management meetings.
    • Visma offers Mentoring circles for women where the objective is to increase the recruitment of women to management roles.
    • As of 2018, Visma is a Founding Partner of #ShesGotThis, an organisation aiming to improve diversity and fighting unconscious discrimination

Visma's compensation policy is based on equal pay for equal work, meaning that women and men in the same positions have the same salaries if all other conditions are the same. However, average salary levels are also influenced by age, length of service, specialization, and the proportion of managers. Average salary levels in the software industry are somewhat higher than in the accounting and outsourcing sectors.

The company promotes the employment of personnel of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds and is recruiting professionals from all over the world.

Visma seeks to provide a working environment offering opportunities for the disabled. The company has recently moved into several new buildings, where the company has have demanded easy access also for employees using wheelchairs and other disabled. Work in Visma is in general not physically demanding, and people with physical disabilities thus have good opportunities in Visma.