Rethinking business
- the digital transformation

Do you know the organization's
digital strengths and weaknesses?

Digital maturity is not a matter of course; it is a state where the entire business uses digital working methods and technologies to improve processes, engage the workforce and drive new business models. Are you ready for a quick test?
Visma Advisory offers companies of all sizes and maturity to review the organization's digital status, understand its strengths and become aware of its weaknesses.

This is a web-based analysis, where you are followed up by our senior advisors who will guide you throughout the journey!

Digital maturity analysis

How do you reinforce and reposition your business for the future, in the aftermath of the Pandemic?

With the new era ahead, leaders need to take on new capabilities and approaches to be successful in rethinking their business for the future.

They need to innovate and transform and to be able to accelerate their growth in a new competitive landscape.

They will need to spot and grasp new opportunities to engage their customers, creating greater value.

We help companies and institutions to reinvent the way they deliver value to society

How to make sure your website is visible from the very start!

“This time we need to make it right from the very start!”. A well known sentence for most of us, either you are a CEO, CMO, CFO or a terrified rookie.

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How a business strategy based on UX design research gives you a competitive advantage

For businesses to successfully innovate based on UX design research, it has to be part of their business strategy. UX design research offers novel advantages for business owners to sustain the virtue of their product or service and identify market opportunities for business growth and innovation.

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Strategic sparring partner

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway wanted to invest in a new data platform, to make data from their IT-systems available for analytics. Their goal was to work more efficiently, with increased access to information and with better grounds for decision making. Having acquired new software and with several integrations to develop, they sought out Terje Knappen from Visma as a strategic sparring partner.

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Why Advisory?

The more you understand the technologies,  the better you can spot the opportunities and answer the challenges to leadership, strategy and culture.

Navigate complexity together with our interdisciplinary teams experienced in solving business challenges through technology.

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