The optimal way to
collaborate with your clients

Visma eAccounting for accounting offices is a cloud based solution for accountants working with small businesses. Easy to use and automated workflows make client collaboration better than ever.

Freedom of choice

Flexibility to choose the package that best suits your client’s needs. You will always enjoy the full functionality of Visma eAccounting for accounting offices.

Automated processes

Become more efficient by managing your client’s companies with automated and smart processes for invoices, receipts and payments.

Grow your practice

Join a growing community of small businesses eager to work more efficiently and team up with you as their accountant and trusted advisor.

Key features:

  • Collaborate with your clients in the package that best suits them
  • Access all features, regardless of the package your clients are working in
  • Manage all clients, from those who need full support, to those who handle a lot themselves
  • Simplify bookkeeping; with Visma Scanner your clients can easily provide you with receipts and supplier invoices
  • Advise your clients on how their business is going in Visma Financial Overview
  • Work with apps to further streamline accountant-client collaboration
  • Help your clients put their accounting on autopilot with Visma eAccounting

Client plans

Visma eAccounting Starter*

Support your clients and provide them with financial updates and advise.

Visma eAccounting Invoicing

The core functionality your client needs to invoice professionally.

Vsima eAccounting Solo

The basic functionality your client needs to run their business.

Visma eAccounting Standard

The essential functionality your client needs to run their business.

Visma eAccounting Pro

The advanced functionality your client needs to grow their business.

*For clients who wish to outsource invoicing and bookkeeping

Frequently asked questions

Is support included?


Yes. Both you and your client get support and can also find lots of helpful information and resources on our website.

How can I start collaborating with my clients?


When you are using Visma Advisor, you can easily start collaborating. You simply need to choose the right plan for your client.

Can I change (upgrade/downgrade) my client package?


Yes. You can change the package for your client so it best suits your collaboration and clients.

Who will be invoiced?


When you start a collaboration, you can choose if the invoice should go to your client or to you as an accountant.