Visma eAccounting features and extensions

Visma eAccounting is designed to help your small business start, run and grow like a pro.

Core functionality

Visma eAccounting includes all the core functionality you need to run your small business.



Let the solution automate manual transactions and standardise processes so you can deliver faster.



Send invoices from your mobile and rest assured they will be received instantly and securely.



Let the solution take care of the calculations for payslips and tax reports for you.



Register sales and purchases throughout the year and simplify end-of-year reporting.

Smart features

Our smart services enable better cash flow control and make doing the books a breeze.


Bank integration

Reconciling your bank account can be time consuming if you do so manually. Save time by connecting Visma eAccounting to your online bank.


Electronic invoicing

In Visma eAccounting, electronic invoicing is integrated into the solution, which allows you to get paid faster, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Receipt interpretation

In Visma eAccounting, the Visma Scanner app interprets and uploads your receipts for you, so you don’t need to re-enter the text in the app.


Booking suggestions

Let Visma eAccounting do the thinking for you. Get booking suggestions when registering purchase invoices and bank transactions.

Mobile apps

Use our smart mobile apps to capture your expenses, send invoices and keep
track of your business no matter where you are.



Add extensions to Visma eAccounting at your own pace. You can choose the extensions that best fit your business.