Visma Financial Overview

Better understand your business

Say hello to a new way of reporting with Visma Financial Overview. Easily understand your financial status, drill-down to the details, collaborate with your accountant, create and work with budgets and gain access from any device.

Work with your accountant

Easy collaboration with your accountant helps ensure you are in control of the financial aspects of your business at all times.

Better insights with dashboards

Get a quick and clear overview of your finances, available wherever you are via a personal and secure login. Improve your financial control with budgets.

Get better control with budget

Keep track of future expenses and revenue. Make a budget and compare the numbers along the way to see if you’re performing according to plan.

Frequently asked questions

How can I create a budget?


You can easily create a budget from the Visma eAccounting Financial Overview module. Simply go to Budget - Create budget. Then give the budget a name and base it on the previous year or create it based on an empty chart of accounts.

Do I get cost centres and projects from Visma eAccounting in Financial Overview?


Yes, you get both cost centres and projects if you have created these in Visma eAccounting and made a transaction with the current dimension. Inside Financial Overview you can filter on all the different dimensions.

Can I make changes to the Start page?


Yes. You can remove and add any graph you want on the Start page. You have an Add chart button in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can go to Reports and click on the Chart icon on the right to add a specific account or account group.

Why you’ll love Visma eAccounting Time

  • User friendly

  • Collaborate with an accountant or financial manager, whether you are on the move or in the office

  • Present your financial status in a professional way to the board or other stakeholders

  • Free unlimited number of users, including those who do not use Visma eAccounting

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