Smart services

Improve your cash flow

Our smart services enable better cash flow control and make doing the books a breeze. The more of our services you use, the better control and insight you will get into the health of your business.

1. Get paid faster

Simplify your payment process with electronic invoicing and rest assured all invoices will be received and paid faster. Reduce time spent on following up unpaid invoices, sending reminders and in some cases chasing outstanding debt.

2. Pay your suppliers on time

When invoices are paid faster, your cash flow will increase, which means you will have the required funds available to pay your suppliers on time. Reduce the risk of late supplier payments, borrowing money and costly debt.

3. Increase cash flow control

Simplify the payment process with our smart services and enjoy getting paid faster and being able to pay your suppliers in a timely fashion. Our smart features free up your time by eliminating manual work and doing the thinking for you, so you can focus on doing what you love.

4. Simplify your accounting

Let our smart services, based on artificial intelligence, do the thinking and registration for you. Minimise errors, manual entry and tedious processes.

Simplify your buying and selling processes

Bank integration

All transactions from online banking are sent to Visma eAccounting. Avoid duplicate registrations and get full control.

  • Automatic payments to the bank
  • Automatic import of bank transactions
  • Automatic matching of bank transactions

Booking suggestions

Get booking suggestions for what ledger accounts you may want to post your purchase invoices and bank transactions to.

  • Booking suggestions for invoices and bank transactions
  • Less manual typing with automatic interpretation
  • Receipts are saved in Visma Scanner

Receipt interpretation

Simply snap a picture of your receipts and invoices and capture your expenses in seconds.

  • Save time with less manual registration
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Enjoy automated interpretation of receipts and invoices

Electronic invoice

In Visma eAccounting, electronic invoicing is integrated into the solution, which allows you to get paid faster, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Automatic sending and receiving of electronic invoices
  • Send invoices to customers’ internet bank or economy system
  • Received electronic invoices are ready for bookkeeping