Visma eAccounting Time

Flexible. Simple. Mobile friendly.

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Say goodbye to double work, Excel sheets and forgetting exact hours worked. Visma eAccounting Time is tailor made for small businesses who want more control over registering their hours.

Get paid faster

You can register your time and send invoices from Visma eAccounting daily, weekly or project based. Continuous registration ensures, correct and quick compensation.

Register your hours on the go

You can register expenses and manage your time on the go. Log your hours instantly on your mobile or enter them at a later date via your tablet or desktop.

Flexible reports

You can create your own reports to get a good overview over hours worked and expense outlay on your projects, customer's, activities and employees.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Visma eAccounting Time cost?


9 EUR/ 89 NOK/SEK per month.
5 EUR/ 39 NOK/ SEK** per Visma eAccounting Time user per month.

How can I get started?


You can easily activate Time InApp in Visma eAccounting.

Can I create PDF reports?


Yes, you can print all of the reports you create to a PDF.

Why you’ll love Visma eAccounting Time

  • Mobile friendly - use it on the go

  • Increase control - register time and expenses

  • Save time - less time on administration and more for customers