Company information

Add basic information about your company like address, homepage and company presentation.

Adding your company information makes it possible for you to present basic information regarding your company like address, homepage, about text and a logo/image. The information can be visible in vacancies that you post to your homepage.

It is highly recommended to add as much information as possible making sure that no information is missing. Some external posting channels also demand that you have this information in place in order for your vacancies to be posted.

If you are using EasyCruit in multiple languages it is highly recommended to add your "About text" and "Privacy policy" for each language that you have access to in the system.

To access the page “Company information”, click “Settings” and then click on the icon “Company information”. To edit information, click on the button “Edit” in the bottom of each tab. To save your information, click on the “Save” button in the bottom of each tab.


When adding information like a logo, image and "about text", this will be visible on your career-page hosted by EasyCruit.