Build your department structure to reflect your organization and make EasyCruit multi-branded.

With the support of departments you are able to reflect your company structure. Departments makes it possible to use multi brands since you are able to upload one logo and one image to each department created in the system. This means that you can have a “global” brand on the mother company level (see chapter “Company information”) and then create departments below the mother company that all use their own brand.

Departments makes it possible to use different branding in vacancies. In this example a unique image is uploaded to each department created, logo is inherited from the mother company.

When you create a vacancy you connect the vacancy to a department. The system will automatically use the information uploaded to the selected department and show this information in the vacancy.

One important function is how the system inherits information. The inherit rule allows the system to check if there is any information populated to the selected department (for example home page, address information, logo/ image and privacy policy. If some of the mentioned information is available on the selected department, this information will be used for the vacancy created.

If some of the information is missing, EasyCruit is able to screen other information and use that instead. If no information is uploaded to the different departments, then EasyCruit is able to use information on mother company level.

Departments in EasyCruit is a central part of the system. A lot of information is connected to a department in some way. For example, users, candidates, vacancies or templates.

Before creating departments it is recommended to have an idea regarding how to build this structure. When this is done, departments can be created. There are no limits to how many departments to be added, creating sub-departments, moving departments or deleting them. To access the “Department” page, click “Settings” and click on the “Departments” icon. To edit information, click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of each tab. Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of each tab to save information.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Example 1

This is a good structure for small companies where many departments are not needed.

Example 2

This is a good structure for companies using EasyCruit in multiple countries. With the support of country departments and sub-departments connected to each country, it is easy for you to add users to different departments. When doing reports you are able to see how many vacancies that have been posted for a certain country and sub-departments.

Example 3

This is a good structure for companies with different brands and where stores should be connected to the brands. You are able to upload the unique brand logo to brand A. brand E and each store will use the unique brand logo according to the inherit rule mentioned earlier. You are also able to upload an image to for example “Store 2”, which is a sub-department to “Brand A”. When selecting “Store 2” for your vacancy, EasyCruit will use the uploaded image to “Store 2” and inherit the logo uploaded to “Brand A”.