Job Categories

Add your categories and make it possible for your candidates to search and subscribe to vacancies.

By default it is possible to select within which geographical area the vacancy is located in. The candidate has the option to search for vacancies within a specific geographical area on the career page, and also set up the jobagent to automatically send an e-mail when vacancy posts match the candidate’s criteria.

Job categories allows you to add your company's sectors, job levels and position types. When information has been populated, the candidate is able to use the criteria when searching for available vacancies on the career page. The candidate can also select between categories when setting up the jobagent.

The candidate will only be able to select "Sectors " if information is populated to this category. If no sectors are added to this criteria, it will not be visible on the career page.

Job categories page screenshot

The candidate is able to search for vacancies within a specific geographical location and/ or position type.

To access the "Job categories" page:

  1. click "Settings"
  2. click on the "Job categories" icon
  3. Select the category you wish to add information to - click on the icon "Categories - position type".
  4. To add a new category, click on "Add new category item", add your alternative and then click "Add".

When adding position types, avoid too much details and too many categories. For example, avoid categories such as "Account manager", "Key account manager" or "Small accounts sales".
Adding too many details may lead to a candidate not receiving a jobagent or not find a job using the search functions since the categories are too narrow. Instead, merge similar categories into one category called "Sales".