Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Visma Digital Commerce is a supplier of Magento that stands for all development and functionality. Established in 2009, selling training clothes and accessories. They focus on lightning fast delivery, including robot storage and product picking, have a great deal of commitment to social media and have grown enormously in recent years. Not for no reason have they won this year's online store.

This year's online store finalist 2018 

This year's online store 2016

"Visma Digital Commerce is one of our most important business partners, and helps keep Get Inspired constantly in the forefront of e-commerce. Together with Visma Digital Commerce, we have a well-functioning online store that is constantly under development"

- Sindre Landevåg, General Manager, Get Inspired



We have worked with Get Inspired from day one and helped them grow into Norways number online retailer for female sports apparel. It’s a great case study because Visma Digital Commerce support/control all areas of their ecom and it has grown into a significant business. It shows how through partnership and collaboration we can help grow businesses. 


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