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We were one of the world’s first accredited Magento partners and we have advised and supplied more than 350 retailers of all sizes and in every sector. Our experienced Magento Certified experts pro-actively give ideas and advice on how to create and improve your online store using the most powerful digital commerce platform on the market.  

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Best-in-class consultants

As the region’s leading ecommerce experts, we’ve been in the business since the early days of online shopping. We’re one of the few certified Magento suppliers in the Nordics, and we’ve been working with Magento since its launch in 2008. That means we know more about Magento than any other provider in the region.

Everything you need for your ecommerce operation is delivered right here by our front and back-end developers and solutions experts. Nothing is outsourced. We offer hosting, advice on design, marketing, integration, operation, strategy, project management, development, logistics and much more.

We’re already trusted by hundreds of top retail companies, and whatever your size, and whatever stage you’re at, we can help you create a scalable ecommerce solution that’s best for your business.

All-in-one online shopping expertise

Function first

Whatever solution we provide, we make sure it is functional, user-friendly and tailored to both your and your customers.

Always improving

To make sure your store has the competitive edge, everything we do is optimised, from design and advice to development and hosting. We own and partner with several CRO specialists.

Common sense

We always look for the most effective and efficient solution for you. We won’t waste any time or budget on over-complicated solutions, and we make sure we communicate with you in a straightforward way that makes sense.