Hosting for your Magento store

Secure and powerful hosting for your Magento store

We have one of the most advanced Magento operating environments in the world, with hundreds of Magento online stores running day and night. Our hosting solutions are completely standardized and built in close collaboration with Magento's technicians, and as we’re Magento suppliers and all-round experts, your ecommerce site is in safe hands. 

✅Fast shopping guaranteed

All internet traffic goes through one of the largest and most stable hubs in the region, with full 24/7 monitoring of ISPs. If there are any major line breakdowns, we can quickly switch to an alternative so your online store will stay up and running.

✅Emergency power supply

To minimise downtime during the unlikely event of a power cut, we have both a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and an emergency supply that starts automatically after 10 seconds. It’s never been used but it’s regularly tested, just in case.

✅Choice of servers

We can host your site on our own lightning servers in Norway or, if you have a larger customer base abroad, on Polarhost, which is our cloud service based on Amazon AWS, the world's largest hosting solution. Visma Digital Commercehas full control and responsibility for both solutions, from the power plug to the webshop design. 

✅Expert in everything Magento 

Not only do we run one of the most modern Magento operating environments in the world, but we’re also one of the few Magento suppliers. This means we have vast expertise in every aspect of running your Magento store, which our customers really appreciate on the rare occasion something goes wrong.



Hosting features: security, fast response and high capacity

Daily backup 

We back up your site automatically every night, with a variety of historical copies, and all backup is kept in a secure place away from the servers.

Physical security

All our servers and equipment are protected by dual-access control. That means anyone entering the building must pass through two security zones, and as an extra safety measure, all data is mirrored to a secure external building.

Cyber security

To protect your site from viruses and cyber-attacks, all our servers are automatically updated with security patches at both operating system and application level, and all traffic goes through our own firewalls. All our hosting packages include features such as free SSL certificate and security monitoring.

Local internet registry

We’re one of the very few companies in the region who is an approved local internet registry (LIR), which is, in effect, an ISP. We also manage our own IP network with well over 1,000 official IP addresses.

Single and cluster servers

If you have 10-200 orders a day our Premium single-server packages will suit you perfectly. They’re lightweight and solid and include all the important features. Our Cluster packages are ideal if you have more than 200 daily orders and they can scale up to tens of thousands of orders each day.

Server monitoring

We automatically send you uptime reports every month so you can stay fully up-to-date.

Packages for the highest performance

Magento Fastly CDN

Our popular Magento Fastly CDN package serves all images, CSS and other live syncs directly to individual visitors. This increases the performance of your online store and significantly reduces the load on your Magento server.

Magento Performance Monitoring

Make sure your store is always at its best with our popular Magento Performance Monitoring package, which continually monitors your site for a range of performance factors and ensures that there are no bottlenecks.

Magento Performance Audit + Optimize

Your customers will always have the best experience with this package, which analyzes all the features of your Magento online store to find any performance issues that might be turning visitors off. 

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