The Cloud-based system for omnichannel traders

Omnicloud is our omnichannel system for customers who have operations both online and in store. It means you can create a seamless, personalised shopping experience for your customer, right from the high street to the digital store and mobile. And because it runs on Google Cloud, it’s supported by the world’s most stable and robust infrastructure.

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Stock data sent directly from your ERP/POS

See all the inventory data for your e-commerce channel at a glance, with details per product per store, and alert your customers when products are in stock.


Show store information 

Make it easy for your customers to find you, with maps, geo-location, driving directions and more.


More personalisation

Sync your customer data between your Ecommerce solution and personalization tools such as Nosto, Emarsys and Dotmailer.


View and search receipts

Your customers can view and export their receipts as a PDF from the store, and all receipt data is stored in a searchable format.


GDPR compatible

Omnicloud is 100% GDPR compliant. All data belongs to you and can easily be exported to any other system such as Business Intelligence software.

Available 24/7

As Omnicloud runs on Google cloud services, you’ll be able to access it anywhere, anytime.


Omni Store Finder

Make it easy for customers to visit you. Our Store Finder allows them to find their nearest store in a flash.


Omni Marketing Connector

Omnicloud integrates directly with major personalisation engines, including Nosto, Emarsys and Dotmailer, so you can create a more relevant and engaging service for your customers.