UX design

Why do customers visit your website?

That’s the question you need to ask if you’re going to make a success of your online retail. Listen to your customers and find out how they use your site, what they want from it and what your need to do to help them get it. Our UX experts can advise you on how to design and develop your online store so that it attracts, engages and retains customers.

We help you to be yourself

Every online shop is unique and every audience is unique, so what works for someone else might not work for you. We test and optimise every solution, just for your unique customers. This way you will build trust with your customers, they will enjoy every purchase, and they’ll keep on coming back for more.


Friendly advice

You can ask us anything. We have the UX and UI expertise and we want to share it with you. Through workshops, co-creation and meetings, we work together with you to find the right design for your business and your customers.

Research: the method behind the UX magic 
Research is at the heart of UX design process as it informs every step. Before we begin any project, we scope out the amount and scale of the research tasks and tailor them to your project’s requirements and your budget. In other words, we won’t carry out research that isn't needed. We carry out two types of research, business research and user research. 
Business research

First we determine your businesses strategy, requirements and goals. We carry out stakeholder interviews, and determine competitor benchmarks - who is your competitor, what they do well, and how you can do better.

User research

Next we find out about your customers, what they need and what they expect when they visit your website. We do this through website analytics and user interviews and surveys. With our findings we create user personas, a fictional representation of different types of user, to keep us focused on their needs. 

Clear planning

Before we go into production we make a plan. This might consist of:

User journey mapping

We make a visual plan of how users will interact and navigate through your webshop, from arrival to checkout. 

Information architecture

We plan the structure of your site so that it’s logical and easy-to-use for your customer. 

Functional specification

We plan out which features your site needs - and which ones it doesn’t.

Usability testing

We test any solution that we create for you with real people to see how they use it. 

Wireframing to perfection

Before we implement a design, we set up a wireframe for you based on your preferences, so you can see exactly how it looks and how it works. We won’t implement anything until it’s just right. 


After the research and planning phase has been completed, our developers turn them into a reality and your site becomes available to the whole world.