Dynamic Image Generator

This tool generates an image with up to 2 text variables that you can define and style, and become an integrated part of the image.

Great for personalisation of images, offers, or even vouchers or certificates.

How to use

How to use:

  1. Upload an image to for example Episerver or Eloqua
  2. Copy the URL to the "Image URL" field below
  3. Adjust dummy text content and styling to taste
  4. Copy the URL of the image (or the complete HTML code, if you can't edit the HTML code of the image in Eloqua)

How to add a merge field in Eloqua to the generated image:

  1. Insert an image in Eloqua
  2. Find the image in the HTML source, and replace with the copied URL
  3. Find the text you want to replace (e.g. Firstname Lastname) in the example and select it
  4. Open the Field Merge browser and search for your field merge
  5. Drag the field merge to the area you selected
  6. (You can add multiple field merges if you like, just repeat the search and drag procedure, adding spaces as necessary)
  7. Save the email

Text 1:

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Text 2:

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Image URL:

Image HTML code: