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Put people at the heart of your business with cloud software for payroll and human resource management

HR management software helps improve efficiency by automating all HR processes, from workforce and recruitment to payroll and compliance management. It centralises all data and information, making it easy for people to access information and collaborate. 

In many companies, HR processes are still managed using disconnected systems that entails a lot of manual work with no centralised overview. For companies that still use paper documents and spreadsheets for managing employees, payroll and recruitment, acquiring an HR system could be a good investment.

What are the benefits of HR software?

Investing in software to manage the entire HR ecosystem, or parts of it, can give companies many advantages, both in terms of cost, effectiveness and employee satisfaction. 

People are expecting increasingly more from their interactions with products and services. For organisations, this means they have the opportunity to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd by creating an unrivalled experience for their most important asset: their employees. 

Cost savings

Are you familiar with the cost of employee turnover? Chances are, you’ve drastically underestimated what it really costs your company to replace an employee. A company will spend a large portion of its average employee’s annual salaries to hire someone new.

What does all of this have to do with HR software? Well, a good HR platform helps reduce turnover by ensuring employees’ needs are taken care of. Furthermore, it makes the process of finding the right candidates simpler. As a result, there’s less likelihood of hiring someone who’s wrong for the position -- which further drives up costs.

Better use of time

Time is the one thing your HR staff can’t get more of. Thus, it’s imperative that you help them create systems that maximize time. If your HR team is constantly inputting data by hand, making phone calls and manually vetting candidates for openings, they won’t have time for things that matter more -- like handling legal issues and enforcing company policies.

An HR software platform isn’t a perfect solution, but it certainly helps businesses save time and better allocate manual resources to areas that really matter to a company’s health.

More accurate insights

With the amount of data that comes through an HR department these days, it’s virtually impossible for any person -- or group of people -- to process everything. This means valuable information is constantly being overlooked or misplaced.

The beauty of working with HR software is that you don’t have to rely on your own human limitations. Data is synthesized and analyzed in powerful ways that allow you to obtain more accurate insights and make strategic decisions.

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Our HR software gives organisations the opportunity to digitise the entire employee lifecycle. We help our customers manage all their processes from recruitment and payroll to talent and workforce management – streamlining time-consuming administration to enhance the employee experience.
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