Online project management software

  • For agencies, consultancies and creative businesses
  • From sales to billing in a single solution

Get the most out of your resources and catch every billable hour with this award winning cloud solution.

Visma Severa is compatible with the most common accounting and ERP solutions and allows for advanced functions, such as electronic transfer of sales invoices to sales ledgers and bookkeeping.

Project and Resource Management

With Visma Severa it is easy to schedule tasks, assign work, track profitability, and measure billing ratios.

Combine workflow and financial management practices to get a 360-degree view of your projects and business development.

project management tool - project management

project management tool - CRM

CRM integrated with projects

Visma Severa’s integrated CRM removes “bottlenecks” from the sales: it allows tracking at each step of the project in order to evaluate performance targets or identify where customers are lost. Using Visma Severa for your CRM enables you to take on new projects as resources in other projects become available.

Time and Expense Tracking

Employees record time, tasks, travel, product sales and service fees when they take place. Information in Visma Severa is automatically updated in real-time so everyone is on schedule with invoicing, deadlines and deliverables.

Online project management software - hours and time sheets

Online project management software - invoicing

Automated invoicing

Shave off 80% of the time you spend on billing. Project expenses entered in Visma Severa are automatically stored and itemized for one-click invoicing. Invoices can be sent in multiple languages and multiple currencies, or integrated with accounting systems for distribution.


Get real-time analysis of business, project and employee performance using the report generator with standard and customized reports. Most reports can be added to the personal dashboard to provide instant access to updated information.

Online project management software - reporting

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