Public sector software solutions and services

Governments in Northern Europe face stern challenges - but also immense opportunities - when transitioning to a more technology driven way of delivering their services.

Both government-to-citizens and government-to-business services, as well as back office processes, will become far more efficient once supported by state of the art ICT solutions.

Visma is one of the Nordic region’s largest providers of standard and customized software solutions supporting several of governments' key service areas.

Government school admin

Solutions for school and kindergarten administration

Our school solutions contribute to a more efficient and flexible school administration, from kindergarten to higher education and adult learning. This gives teachers more time to educational work and follow-up of students, and improves the dialogue and cooperation between students, parents, teachers and administration staff.

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Welfare technology for the elderly

In order to provide the next generation of elderly with dignified care, new thinking and new solutions are required.

With the help of Visma’s welfare technology for the elderly, senior citizens are able to live at home rather than having to move to an institution – and the service providers can use their resources more efficiently.


Government welfare technology

Government ERP

ERP - finance and resource management

This ERP and procurement solution is the cornerstone of our new generation of software for the government sector.

Developed in close cooperation with municipalities, it is customized to meet the government sector’s needs and requirements. In that regard, it is truly unique.


Payroll and HRM software

With the demand for more efficient government administration on a steep incline, it is crucial with software solutions that let you perform key tasks smarter and in less time.

Visma Payroll and HR is developed specifically for the government sector - a complete system that supports and streamlines all work processes within payroll and HR.

Government HR

Government software consulting

Software consulting and development

Visma’s consultants provide customized and standard solutions, along with integration between existing IT systems.

We specialize in automation, integration, and self-service solutions for users of public services.

In addition, our application management service (AMS) ensures efficient maintenance and continuous development of IT solutions.

Procurement solutions and services

Visma TendSign lets public sector procurers create, advertise, and manage their procurements and contracts in a single cloud-based solution.

It is the preferred procurement solution for several hundred governmental departments within the public sector across the Nordic region.


Government procurement

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