Visma Retail is a full-range supplier of IT-solutions in the retail sector

Your full range supplier of retail-solutions

Our ambition is to provide retailers with the best tools to stay competitive gaining more and loyal customers through enhanced shopping experience.

With our help Retailers can successfully attract customers to the marketplace, increase sales through enhanced shopping experience and create loyal customers.  This by clever use of technology supporting all the necessary processes at all levels.

Visma Retail IT enables you to meet customer expectations and stay competitive. The key? A single source of information coupled with a fully integrated retail, logistic and financial system. From hardware and implementation to consultancy and support, we've got you covered.

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As a full-range supplier, we take full responsibility through consultancy, project management, installation, education, support, technical service and IT-operations.

Our retail solutions are based on standard in-house developed software integrated with equipment and solutions from leading manufacturers.

In-store solutions

Influence purchasing decisions and customer behaviour:

  • Self-checkout, self-scanning, Mobile self-scanning, manned POS solutions, Mobile POS solutions and interactive checkout displays.

  • Service stations and kiosk terminals. 

  • Digital signage for campaigns and offerings.

  • Mobile solutions: Receive goods, place orders, check stock and prices on the shop floor.

  • Automatic administration of loyalty services.


In-store solutions retail

Visma Retail Suite

Visma Retail Suite makes the store more modern and the chain more efficient.

Get invaluable insight

With retail IT from Visma, you get the data you need to get your tactical and strategic decisions right:

  • Use stats and real-time updates of inventory and turnover streamline logistics and automate order processing.

Optimized pricing and supplier conditions

Getting the pricing and supplier conditions right are crucial for your gross profits. With Visma Retail IT you can:

  • Ensure prices are correct through electronically scanned price information 
  • Adjust pricing information on both shelves and cash registrars from head office in real time
  • Negotiate better discounts based on a complete overview of suppliers and conditions

Automate ordering and invoicing

Reduce manual work at all stages of your operations through smart IT solutions:

  • Automate the ordering process based on sales and seasonal storage
  • Have invoices electronically scanned and automatically matched against the goods received

Take control of loss prevention

Most retail businesses loose big money through shrinkage. Our solutions provide you with the data you need to analyse the causes.

Don’t wait until the yearly inventory to take action. Visma Retail IT shows you the correlation between trade and investment losses, allowing you to make immediate adjustments and plug those cash drains.

Want to speak to one of our retail experts?

Retail consultants

Take advantage of our retail expertise to run your business smarter and more profitable. Make Visma your one stop shop for all your retail needs:

  • Consultancy
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Administration
  • Service

Data security and EMS

Loss of sensitive data can be critical, and an unstable or unreliable energy system can prove very costly.

Retail Security System: 

  • Developed especially to protect retail software systems
  • Works as a proactive shield against all external software

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS):

  • Monitors frozen section and energy consumption
  • Enables energy conservation measures
  • Notifies of temperature or power fluctuations



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