In-Store Innovation

Equip your stores with the right solutions to reach an efficient and customer-centric way of retail
The modern/digital/smart brick-and-mortar store

The brick-and-mortar store plays a vital role in every retailers core business. Facilitate the everyday workload for your employees and allow them to spend time on their most important task; taking care of your customers.

Increase in-store efficiency

Streamline manual tasks such as inventory and order management, price changes and returns with our mobile in-store solution, allowing the staff to perform administrative tasks from the shop floor.

In-Store Solutions

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Visma Weigh & Go

A self-scanning solution with seamless self-scan and checkout. Streamline checkouts and drive sales.

Visma Scan & Go

A self-scanning solution with seamless self-scan and checkout. Streamline checkouts and drive sales.

Visma Storepal

Interactive store tool developed to help improve in-store experience and streamline customer care.
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    Visma Mobile Access

    Manage and streamline prices, inventory & returns remotely with Mobile Access.

    Visma Poster Label Design & Print

    Manage and automatize price changes with the easy-to-use feature that lets you produce, design and print labels.

    Visma Automatic Store Replenishment

    Maximise your inventory management by ensuring stock is optimized with automatic triggers.

       Choose the perfect POS for your stores

      Depending on your retail niche and target group, customers and staff enjoy different forms of self-service and checkout solutions. Utilize our innovative in-store products to increase efficiency and level-up the customer experience.

      Point Of Sale

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      Visma Point of Sale

      Visma Point of Sale is everything you need to process payments on any device or touchpoint.

      Visma Silent Touch

      Intelligent and intuitive design point of sale developed for the sleek retail store.

      Visma Wallmob

      Point of Sale on iPad, sell on the go. The easiest way to manage your retail business.

      Visma Retail Travel

      Visma Retail Travel is a unique POS solution developed to serve the retail travel segment.

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