Visma Retail Suite

Visma Retail Suite makes the store more modern and the chain more efficient. A complete solution tailored for the retail sector. Visma Retail Suite is based on modern technology with focus on mobility, innovation and efficiency.

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Visma Retail Suite makes the store more modern and the chain more efficient

Visma Retail Suite is based on modern technology with focus on mobility, innovation and efficiency. The solution has been developed and designed with an open architecture adapted to the new requirements for a modern retail data solution with omnichannel support, where integration with other systems is becoming increasingly important. It is a complete retail data system with the functionality to support all your retail processes.

Our solutions are developed based on all key processes in the store and in the chain. It means you can tailor a solution that fits your store or chain best.


Visma Retail Suite supports current and future mobility needs. Use the type of device that suits you and the situation you are in, mobile devices, stationary clients or online.


As the unique user with your own access rights, you are
always the one in control of which information and which functions you have access to, wherever you are.


The hub of all sales channels and inventory.


The needs of the retail chain determine which modules
to apply and can be scaled up for rapid adaptation to new
conditions and needs.

Functionality Back office

Product assortment, item and price control
• Visma Retail Items Management

• Visma Retail Chain Inventory Manager

Reporting and Analysis
• Visma Retail Back Office

Gift Certificates Functionality
• Visma Retail Gift Card

• Visma Retail Campaign
• Shop - Visma Retail Poster Integration

Customer relationship management, loyalty and credit sales
• Visma Retail Customer Management
• Visma Retail Campaign
• Visma Retail Account Receivable - Integration Visma Business

Functionality Store

Point of Sale & Service
• Visma Retail Mobile POS

Service Station
• Visma Retail Service Desk

Mobile solutions
• Visma Retail Mobile Back Office
• Visma Retail Mobile POS

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5 good reasons to choose Visma Retail Suite

  • Easy to use, in both store and chain

  • Developed in collaboration with leading retail chains

  • Modular system for all work processes and types of chain drive

  • Built on modern technology with a focus on innovation

  • Smart functionality which increases the customer experience and sales

Visma Retail’s POS system -
Use the same POS solution in multiple ways!

A flexible Point of Sale with many opportunities.
With a solution from Visma Retail, you can use one single POS system including hardware and soft ware in a number of ways:

  • Self-service POS for customers
  • POS staffed by store employees
  • Mobile POS for staff to use in the store
  • Compatible for all platforms

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Visma Retail Suite



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