5 inspiring retail experiences in New York


While visiting the NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York you should also seize the opportunity to visit some of the innovative and inspiring retailers in the city. Here are five great tips on retailers who have managed to create a world-class customer experience through different approaches.  

Patagonia on 313 Bowery
The chain’s store on Bowery has managed to create a hub for surfer enthusiasts in New York City. In addition to the regular sports- and surfer gear, the store offers a board repair center and a remodeled alleyway where board swapping and community events are encouraged.

Timberland on Herald Square
The flagship store is using CloudTags, NFC and beacon-technology to merge the physical and digital customer experience. Tablets are available for the customers to use while walking around in the store, tapping products for access to product information, styling tips, recommendations about the product as well as creating a personal wish list.  

DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn
Forget about food courts; now it’s all about food halls in New York.Local restaurants are mixed with niche food stores, boutiques and daily events to create an attractive area for eating, socializing and shopping. DeKalb Market Hall recently opened in the basement of City Point, and has in a short amount of time become a much-appreciated destination for new yorkers.  

M.A.C. Makeup Studio on 825 Lexington Avenue
At this location, M.A.C. has chosen to focus only on the experience, not on selling products. You’ll find six makeover stations with integrated iPads, where the client can find inspiration for his or her new look. Other screens are also available for tasks such as booking a new appointments or courses.

Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks is going all in focus on unique customer experiences, and recently opened “The Wellery” on the second floor. Here you can find anything from vegan nail treatments with meditation to booth camps on different themes or small salt rooms with birdsong and piano music.

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