Make your startup a success

Startups and small businesses all face the same challenge: Time and money is in short supply, but the basic admin tasks still need doing.

We realize you want to devote your full attention to your core business. That is why we have designed a range of easy to use software that allow non-experts to solve the necessary tasks efficiently and hassle-free.

Check out our most popular solutions below:

Visma eAccounting

Visma eAccounting is an online invoicing and accounting solution designed to help your small business start, run and grow like a pro.

Put your accounting on autopilot.

Use it on your Mac, PC, mobile or tablet.

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Get found with your own website and web shop

Getting money in, is priority numero uno when starting a business. Having a website and a web shop makes you easy to find and easy to shop from.

You don’t need to be a web designer or know how to code. Just choose a template and drag and drop your content into place.


Startup software - web shop

Startup software - expense management

Spend less time on expense management

Spend less time on your expense claims; avoid errors and enjoy accurate and up-to-date business expenses.

With Expense, your expense report is done with just a few keystrokes. Your credit card is linked to the solution; you can track your mileage with the help of apps, and upload photos of receipts directly into the solution.

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