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AI and Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing field that gives machines the cognitive abilities of humans in order to solve problems.

When we develop AI, we recognise the limitations of human intelligence. Compared to humans, AI has better memory and makes fewer mistakes. Not only that, it can be used in the service of good, for example reducing environmental impact and saving lives. We think these outcomes are worth having.

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Security and Privacy


Personal data is becoming more valuable at the same time that the nature of security threats and cybercrime is constantly changing. This means data must be protected through the latest technology (such as encryption) and guided by policy, laws, and regulations.

It also means software providers must stay ahead of technology, trends, and cybercriminality—something we have been excelling at for years.

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Cloud, Digitisation, and Tech


Thanks to continual advancements in cloud and digital technologies, people are reorienting their lives towards more meaningful activities, both inside and outside the workplace.

Now we can look ahead to understanding what we can do with the additional information that digitisation brings.

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Design, UX, and Customer Experience


Design, UX, and CX are ultimately about creating solutions for people, helping them solve problems and achieve their goals.

What will define good design in the next decade? What new innovations and disciplines will emerge to build on our progress? And what role should design play in our societal responsibilities?

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