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Machine Learning

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We love challenging problems—and we love to solve them. Through the use of technology we can create solutions to complex challenges that make people's day-to-day work life, and private life, a little bit better.

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– This is my dream job

– This is my dream job

What is it like to work with development in Visma? We have talked to Kasper and Jacob who are currently working on an AI project where Kasper is the Project Lead and Jacob is part of the Optimization Technology team that develops the algorithm.  

Kindergarten admission solved by AI

How can AI simplify kindergarten admission?

How can we streamline the kindergarten admission process? Say hello to AI and Visma Optimization Technologies.

optimization team

Better nursing care with time window expansions

Throughout the summer, we had the pleasure of working together with Summer Interns Martin Olstad Willoch and Jonas Forfot. The task at hand was in the domain of route optimisation for nurses in the home care sector in Norway. How can we help nurses spend more time with patients and less time on the road?


Who works around the clock, always delivers on time and never needs a coffee break? Robots that automate tedious and manual tasks, that’s who. Fewer mistakes and faster actions are just a few benefits of automation.

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Making Visma more efficient and sustainable with the help of robots

How can we use automation to get rid of manual tasks? With the new project AutoMate, our Intelligent Process Automation team sets out to use robots to identify 100 000 hours that can be freed up through automation.

Can a robot be sustainable?

Can a robot be sustainable?

By making a robot or digital assistant do the most repetitive and boring tasks, companies can focus on more meaningful and value-adding work - benefiting both business and society. So, can the effect of a robot also support companies in being more sustainable?

Say hello to the robots – they have come to stay

The robots have come to stay

Robotics, also known as RPA (Robotics Process Automation) has been one of the buzzwords within the world of technology for several years. And it does not appear to be a mayfly, rather quite the contrary. So what does robotics mean for the organisation – not to mention the employees? Will robots become our new colleagues or will they take over our work tasks entirely?

Machine Learning

Building algorithms using human brain power alone is a challenge. Machine learning imitates human behaviour and learns to make predictions and decisions better than those of people. This makes it extremely versatile.

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Editor's picks in Machine Learning

business intelligence trends 2020

4 Business Intelligence Trends for 2020

Being data-driven is no longer an ideal, it is an expectation for everyone that wants to succeed in today's business landscape. To help you become more data-driven, here are four of the most important BI trends for 2020. 

How AI contributes to better privacy in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration

How AI contributes to better privacy in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration

How can we provide test data that safeguards privacy in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration? The answer lies in artificial intelligence and synthetic test data.

Visma helps Nordic governmental giant take the next steps within AI

Using artificial intelligence to solve problems for our customers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent new opportunities and a fundamental change in the way we work. Find out how we use these technologies to create value for our customers.