We love challenging problems—and we love to solve them. Through the use of technology we can create solutions to complex challenges that make people's day-to-day work life, and private life, a little bit better.

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Optimizing for customer needs

optimization specialist explains how to use AI to solve customer business problems

How do we find the best AI solution to solve customer’s challenges and address their needs? We asked two members of our optimization team.

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Simplifying school admissions

Two students benefiting from AI-optimized kindergarten admissionsImagine pushing a button, knowing your computer will take seconds to do a task you previously spent weeks doing yourself. Optimization is making this a reality.

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Helping nurses help patients

Visma Optimization Team discusses in the office how nurses and patients benefit from route optimizationWhat methods can we use to map and solve business problems across time and space? Route optimization for home nursing provides a good use case to find out.

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Who works around the clock, always delivers on time and never needs a coffee break? Robots that automate tedious and manual tasks, that’s who. Fewer mistakes and faster actions are just a few benefits of automation.

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The robots have come to stay

Robots are here to stay and are influencing the future of work

By proving their worth, robots are showing they are here to stay. What does this mean for organisations, employees, and the future of work?

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Can a robot be sustainable?

Robots make businesses more sustainableCan robots make companies not only more efficient, but more sustainable as well? The answer is yes—by saving both time and money for other things.

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Bringing sales into customer care

Automation specialist shows how robots can help customer care with salesTurning your customer care team into a sales department is possible—and it doesn’t have to be difficult. So how do you do it? By implementing robots.

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Machine Learning


Building algorithms using human brain power alone is a challenge. Machine learning imitates human behaviour and learns to make predictions and decisions better than those of people. This makes it extremely versatile.

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How AI contributes to privacy

Machine learning specialist draws up AI for synthetic test data for the government

How can we provide test data that safeguards privacy in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration? The answer: AI and synthetic test data.

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AI: The best problem solver

Machine learning increases value for customersHow can we use machine learning to increase value for our customers through automation of processes, improved usability and increased quality?

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Top Business Intelligence trends

Two businesspeople use business intelligence to get better insightsBecoming a data-driven business requires innovative disciplines such as Business Intelligence (BI). Here are the four most important BI trends in 2020.

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