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Machine Learning

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We love challenging problems—and we love to solve them. Through the use of technology we can create solutions to complex challenges that make people's day-to-day work life, and private life, a little bit better.

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Editor's picks in optimization

Two colleagues sit in a cheery office and speak with a third person, not visible.

Working with AI is working with people

In-house AI product development has become feasible for most software companies due to developments within available talent, scalable infrastructure and increased data quality. But how ready are software companies on the one hand, and customers on the other, to deliver and consume AI products, respectively?


Santa Claus’ optimized delivery process

This year's busiest working day is ahead for our hero from Lapland. Delivering the presents is (in the world of optimization) a typical travelling salesman problem (TSP): how to visit a number of locations using the shortest path available. But how long would Santa’s route have to be for him to visit all households around the world?

– This is my dream job

– This is my dream job

What is it like to work with development in Visma? We have talked to Kasper and Jacob who are currently working on an AI project where Kasper is the Project Lead and Jacob is part of the Optimization Technology team that develops the algorithm.  


Who works around the clock, always delivers on time and never needs a coffee break? Robots that automate tedious and manual tasks, that’s who. Fewer mistakes and faster actions are just a few benefits of automation.

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Editor's picks in automation

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Planning work schedules gets even easier with automated shift design

Shift planning has never been easier. With shift generation, Visma Resolve’s newest extension to the Automatic Rostering module, you can automatically get optimal shifts designed for your departments’ needs. As always, the module also assigns employees to the created shifts to ensure an efficient and fair schedule.

Henrik Hesle, Management Trainee

How Visma makes invoicing tasks a thing of the past

Handling invoices can be time-consuming, but it’s now possible to automate more than 80% of users’ data entry! We've asked Management Trainee Henrik to give us insight into how this was done through his project on invoice handling automation.

Machine Learning

Building algorithms using human brain power alone is a challenge. Machine learning imitates human behaviour and learns to make predictions and decisions better than those of people. This makes it extremely versatile.

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Editor's picks in Machine Learning

Colleagues sit in the office and discuss machine learning in front of the whiteboard.

Democratising Machine Learning through Hugging Face

🤗 Hugging Face is a company that democratises AI by making models available to everyone. Find out how Visma's Machine Learning Assets team is contributing to the cause by giving back to the community, in the field of Document AI.

A person's hand zooming in on a financial application on an iPad.

The importance of ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and advanced analytics are among the most promising solutions for businesses and society. AI can solve many of society's sustainability and efficiency challenges, but what are the ethical implications of using such technologies, and what is Visma doing to ensure they are implemented with people in mind?