Through research, we have found that up to half of our customers expect to deploy new cloud software over the next two years. The current trend towards remote work is accelerating the process.

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4 steps to transition to the cloud

CEO and company benefit after cloud transitionCloud keeps businesses running these days. Luckily, moving your business to the cloud needn’t be expensive or overwhelming. Here are four steps to guide your organisation on the journey.

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Covid and digital change

Øystein Moan discusses the digital adaptation companies are doing in light of CovidAlmost overnight, businesses have had to work digitally and speed up their cloud transition. We talked to Øystein Moan about the current willingness amongst businesses to change and adapt.

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Improving corporate governance

Airplane taking off from Scandinavian airport run by Avinor's improved software systemIn 2017, airport operator Avinor started looking for a better system to manage corporate governance. They have now moved from siloed Excel sheets to a far simpler and more accessible solution.

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Whether you see digitisation as getting rid of paper or improving business decision-making, there is no question that society runs better when tasks are optimised using up-to-date information.

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The benefits of digital invoicing

Businesswoman takes advantage of digital solutions for running core activities

E-invoicing is one of many ways businesses can take advantage of digital solutions for running core activities. But why is e-invoicing ultimately better than the traditional variety? The answers are exactly what you think.

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Work smarter with digital solutions

Employee manages home office during pandemic through digital ways of workingPandemic or not, home office can be challenging. Even if you are familiar with digital ways of working, here are some tips that will help you work more efficiently. (Spoiler alert: we won't make your lunch.)

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Keeping the human touch

Companies and customers exchange key information digitallyIn a world where almost everything is digital, how do you keep the human element intact when interacting with your customers? Our customer experience team has quite a few ideas.

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The word Technology comes from Greek "technología" and means "science of craft". That makes it both a method and an art, and we use it today to empower people and build a better society.

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Inequality in tech

Despite recent gains, women programmers are underrepresented in tech

Did you know the first computer programmer was a woman? Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first algorithm in the 1840s. How did women become underrepresented in tech—and how can we shift course?

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Speeding up service delivery

Colleagues brainstorm in the office on how to speed up service deliveryHow did our Service Delivery Team speed up software delivery 16x, from six feature releases per year to eight per month? The answer lies in the concept of Team Topologies.

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Top strategic technology trends

Screen showing that top tech trends are likely in AI and other digital technologiesWhat will be the most important strategic technology trends in 2020? Global research and advisory firm Gartner gives us the answer. Hint: democracy and transparency made the list.

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