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The main goal of design is empowering people

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It starts with a deep understanding of people's needs

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Customer Experience

The key is continually bringing value to customers

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We believe we empower people greatly through technology. But how technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied. This is where design comes in.

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Editor's picks in design

Illustration of dark mode dashboard

Dark mode – soon in an app near you

The Visma Product Design team, working with Visma’s design language Nordic Cool, recently launched a new version of the design language; Nordic Cool 4. On top of the standard version, the team has now launched dark mode.

A woman and man brainstorm a design project on a board

The higher purpose of design

Making the world a better place through design – too ambitious or something we need to do? How can we apply sustainability to our everyday work? Our UX team set out to answer these questions and more at their recent innovation jam.


When your goal is to build and cultivate a customer-centric product organisation, there are a ton of knowledge and best practices you pick up along the way.

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Editor's picks in UX

Building the right things with the Visma UX Value Loop

Build the right things with the Visma UX Value Loop

When we talk about user experience, we talk about the experienced look, feel and usability of a product or service. But to ensure that we deliver products and services that solve real problems and meet user needs and expectations, we need to understand our customers and end-users – really understand them.

Girl working remotely

User research and usability testing -from a safe distance

Meeting the users face to face is always great but sometimes remote user research is the better option. It could be because of budgets, physical distances, the time you have available -or a raging pandemic virus.

Customer experience

Customer Experience is both a business model and scientific framework, going beyond the product to identify what drives value for customers across their journey.

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Editor's picks in customer experience

From high churn to customer delight

From high churn to customer delight

How did we manage to transition from a below-average customer satisfaction score to receive an international award in 2020 for customer excellence? In this article, we share how different methods of gathering customer feedback have resulted in happy customers and better user experience. 

Tailoring the customer journey to new online behaviours

Tailoring the customer journey to new online behaviours

As a response to the current situation, individuals across the globe have turned into digital workers and are adopting new online behaviours. In this article, we share our best practices on how companies can adapt their current customer journeys to stay digitally connected with their customers and provide them with engaging online experiences.

Keeping a human touch with customers in the digital space

Keeping a human touch with customers in the digital space

In a world where almost everything is digital, how do you keep the human element intact when interacting with your customers? As many of us are working from home these days, we want to share our top tips on how to keep a human touch in the digital space.