We believe we empower people greatly through technology. But how technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied. This is where design comes in.

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The higher purpose of design

Design colleagues brainstorm how to design for the Sustainable Development GoalsHow can we make the world a better place through design? By connecting our design principles, activities, and ways of working to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Dark mode: In an app near you

Screen showing energy-saving Dark ModeWebsite accessibility has only become more important over the years. We are proud to announce we have updated our design language, Nordic Cool 4, to now include energy- and eye-saving Dark Mode.

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A focus on "design doing"

Work station showing service design ideas and sketchesThe goal of service design is to improve the interaction between a provider and its users. We went to the “From Business to Buttons” Conference in Stockholm to find out the latest ways to make this happen.

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When your goal is to build and cultivate a customer-centric product organisation, there are a ton of knowledge and best practices you pick up along the way.

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Building the right things

Visma's UX Value Loop framework ensures we build the right things for the right people

Meeting customers’ needs requires that we understand end users—really understand them. So we created the UX Value Loop, a framework for user-centered product development.

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UX from a safe distance

Business colleague does user research from homeCrafting good UX means talking to users face to face to observe their actions and reactions. But what do you do during a global pandemic? Remote user research can be just as effective as in-person.

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Our takeaways: UX fundamentals

Brainstorm materials from the latest UX workshops and trainingsWorkshops and trainings are a great way to stay sharp on UX trends. It comes down to this: the more knowledge and tools we have, the more effective we will be at making users’ daily lives easier.

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Customer Experience


Customer Experience is both a business model and scientific framework, going beyond the product to identify what drives value for customers across their journey.

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From churn to delight

Customer satisifed using iPad app

How did one of our products go from below-average customer satisfaction to receiving an international award in 2020 for customer excellence? The answer: Coffee Clubs. (And a lot more.)

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New behaviour, new journey

Chefs are one example of a user type with a specific customer journeySociety is becoming more digital and Covid has accelerated the process. But as users change their online behaviour, how can companies stay attuned to customer needs throughout their journey?

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Keeping the human touch

Business colleague records video to maintain a human touch during remote workDespite the existence of many digital tools to communicate, a healthy balance between technology and a human touch is needed. What are the best ways to empower people to stay connected?

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