The nature of security threats and cybercrime is constantly changing. In our role as cloud solutions provider, we have made security awareness a natural part of our process.

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Empowerment to increase security

Users can rest easy when security is embedded in company culture

The power of having a voice is what has brought success to Visma’s security programme. We are proud to share how Visma embeds security into the very culture of our development teams, with notable results.

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How to fix code security faster

Customers benefit from faster fixes of security vulnerabilities in codeIs there a way to fix security issues in code faster? Our Product Security team shares how they improved the timeline to fix security issues in the analysis part of the source code.

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Beating cybercrime

Operations and Security Manager Espen Johansen outlines the latest cyber threatsDid you know that a printer or outdated device connected to your network can give cybercriminals access to your systems? We had a chat with Espen Johansen, our Operations and Security Manager, about cybercrime.

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We are dedicated to implementing policies and practices that ensure the security of personal data, including those satisfying the 2016 European regulation on data protection (GDPR).

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The importance of assuring GDPR

Assuring GDPR allows business people to focus on more important things

In line with international GDPR regulations, we are pleased to offer our customers one of the first audit assurance reports, the ISAE 3000 Type I, issued on June 16th, 2020 for our Visma EasyCruit product!

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How AI contributes to privacy

AI specialist explains AI and privacy to security managerHow can we provide test data that safeguards privacy in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration? The answer lies in artificial intelligence and synthetic test data.

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The upside of quality control

Customer can focus on work while knowing his privacy is protected in the cloudVisma is internationally certified to protect our customers’ personally identifiable information in the cloud. Learn more about what it means to be ISO/IEC 27018 certified.

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