Complete historical records

Visma was de-listed from the Oslo Stock Exchange in August 2006. In order to provide the history of notices to Oslo Stock Exchange, flagging announcements, notices of reportable trades, Annual General Meetings and Presentations & Prospects, this record is complete.

Notices to Oslo Stock Exchange

Visma is currently not a listed company. Here are the complete records of our notices to the OSE from 1998-2006.

See notices to OSE

Notices of reportable trade

Our complete records of Notices of reportable trade from 1998-2006.

See notices of reportable trade

Flagging announcements

Here you find Visma's flagging announcements from the periode 1998-2006

See all flagging announcements

Presentations and prospects

Have a look at Visma's presentations and prospects from the periode 1998-2006. 

See all presentations and prospects
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