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25 years of growth

Visma is more than technology. We believe that staying ahead is letting software perform mundane tasks and provide the information to make complex decisions. Modern cloud solutions can solve numerous challenges faced today and in the future, and improve people’s everyday lives. Join Northern Europe’s leading provider of business software and enter a future full of possibilities.

The success of our customers hinges on having the best talent to innovate our software

We are developing a state of the art, mobile first, Human Resource Management suite allowing our customer to run a smarter and more effective business. 

A suite that encompasses the life cycle of day to day work; from recruitment to hiring, from payroll to expense and approval, from workforce management to talent management, and overall business analytics. 

But business success is not only defined by smarter and more effective processes, but it is all about the people developing our solutions; having the right talent on board and managing them well. 

Visma is the workplace where we cultivate flexibility and allow for upskilling; fostering growth and career development. 

At Visma we believe that great success hinges on our employees. And we live by our values of respect, reliability, innovation, competence and team spirit.

Your new colleagues

We believe in opportunity


Meet Christina User Experience

Working at Visma has a very familiar feeling as it’s easy to get in touch with people from different divisions and levels. It’s a very outspoken company where you as a UX resource have a network across the company where we exchange experiences and support each other. Working at Visma means “making a difference”.

I’m working with user experience for our mobile products, and together with my team come up with better designs that make the products easier to use. My personal development in Visma has allowed me to be a part of the full design process, performing user tests and interviews to increase quality of our products, and pass on insights to the team.

Meet Herluf Product Manager

Working at Visma is challenging, educational and exciting. It’s an informal technology company where the power boundaries are low. It’s possible to have a large impact on things, and the CEO has a clear strategy with ambitious long time goals.

As responsible of development and product management of our SaaS Payroll system, I get to focus on improving our product and make life easier for our customers. I strive to create a really great workplace for developers, and in the short time I've been a part of Visma I've gotten several new responsibilities and challenges.

valerija makijenko

Meet Valerija Development Manager

Fast & Furious – that's how it’s like to work here! Visma is the platform for professional growth. It’s not boring, but energetic. Together with awesome colleagues you make things happen. So many opportunities to meet your ambitions. In three years I grew from business analyst for local domestic projects to development manager for international services and distributed international teams.

I’m responsible for the development of Talent management solutions within our HRM suite. We deliver solutions that help our customers be efficient and progressive in talent management, for example, in talent recruitment process. We also collaborate with schools and universities by sharing our experience and knowledge about what it means to be the software engineer, as well as mentoring young talents.


Meet Jostein Developer/Service Architect

Being part of Visma is challenging, complex and rewarding. I’m part of a service delivery team that develops and maintains several services, and make sure we’re in compliance with both internal framework and international regulations. My role allows me to work on everything from minute integration details, to overarching principles.

I belong to a great team where everyone is committed to deliver high quality software. We're all different people enjoying healthy discussions and provide valuable insight to one another.

Your future at Visma

We promise it will never get boring!

The ability and will to change is the DNA of our business.

For years we have been growing fast both organically and through acquisition, which provides great career opportunities and personal growth.

Our culture is dominated by diversity, respect and transparency.

We allow you to be passionate, creative and proactive.

Scandinavia is famous for work life balance, and as a company with strong Scandinavian roots, this is visible throughout our business regardless of where you are located.

Our recruitment process

What you can expect

When you apply for a position with us, simply use your social profile. Easy for you, and easy for us as your profile provides us with the important information we need to quickly start the process.

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Step 1 As soon as we have received your application we will notify you

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Step 2 Once your application is reviewed, we will quickly inform you on the next step in the process

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Step 3 We test all candidates to make sure that they fit the role and will enrich our culture

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Step 4 Then we meet, online or in person –we are flexible and hope you are too

If you are a great fit for us, and we are a great fit for you, we will plan your onboarding to Visma right away to make sure you have what you need to get started in your new role.
And please know, we are so happy to have you onboard with us so that our customers can stay ahead with leading cloud software.

Join the Visma team today!

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