Visma Maritime

Digitising the Maritime World

We not only follow legislation - our solutions drive legislation

Our maritime IT solutions are used around the globe. They have evolved over many years and we make them better in every release.

We collaborate closely with Maritime Authorities, Shipowners, Classification Societies, Ship Managers and the IMO. Thereby, we continuously improve the efficiency and success of our clients and the solutions they use.

Maritime Service Provider of the Year

Our efforts to improve the efficiency of the maritime world have been recognized by the Global Ports Forum. We are very proud and grateful for receiving the price as "Maritime Service Provider of the Year 2018".

We would like to thank our great customers; the Maritime Authorities of many nations. Without your input and close collaboration over the years, we could not have achieved this honour.

René Stampe Lund
+45 41 91 43 55

Digital Frontrunner

Visma digitize the maritime world. We know the industry intimately and have vast experience in developing solid business solutions and products.

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