Payroll outsourcing services

With payroll consultancy teams across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, we offer the entire Nordic market through one point of contact. You willsave your hours of administative work and get the insight you need to optimize your organization.
Payroll services in Norway Sweden Denmark and Finland through one point of contact

One point of contact

Outsourcing services that grows with your business

Grows with your business

Outsourcing services with web based apps and services

Web based solutions

Outsourcing services with IT solutions that integrates with your systems

Integrates with your systems



Every month, more than 200,000 people trust Visma to deliver their salary.


One point of contact

Companies represented in multiple Nordic countries are provided with an Account Manager. 

In each country, there is a local payroll consultant from Visma who deals with the day-to-day payroll management, and with whom your employees have regular contact.

Your Account Manager will serve as the main contact and liaison between your headquarter and Visma's local payroll consultants.

If your company is headquartered in the Nordic region, your Account Manager will be situated in the same country.

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Payroll services with mobile apps

Mobile apps

Manage expense claims, holiday applications, and other HR related tasks on your mobile.

A reliable payroll service - become less vulnerable with an entire team handling your account

Reliable organization

Since we have an entire team handling your account, backup is always available.

Competent payroll consultants in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Competent consultants

We handle more than 200,000 payslips every month within a range of industries.

Payroll and HR specialists to cover all your HR needs

HR specialists

We can help you with plans for employee learning and development, employment contracts, recruitment, and interpretation of labour related legislation.

The payroll management process

We adapt our solution to your business, and we can handle any type of process within payroll management. 
Below you will see the payroll management system from a high-level perspective.

Payroll outsourcing process reporting

Your organization


1. Reporting and time attendance


If you are using Visma’s web-based portal, the authorization of timesheets and travel expenses is done electronically.

The scrutiny of receipts against travel expenses is done by the customer, but we can check receipts as an extra service.

Visma nordic payroll services process

2. Recording data

We collect all payroll related details from the timesheets and travel expenses, and supplement these with other supporting documentation. The payroll is carefully checked and any unclear details are investigated. The customer then confirms.


3. Finalizing the payroll

The final payroll list is generated and uploaded to Visma's portal, MyVisma.

Visma payroll consultants

Visma payroll consultants

Visma nordic payroll services process
Payroll outsourcing process authorising

Your organization



4. Authorizing the payroll

The customer's contact person checks the payroll and authorizes payment.

Visma nordic payroll services process

5. Payroll payment and follow-up work

The local procedures are different in each country but Visma follows the standards in each country to execute payments.

The standard reports are produced and will be available in MyVisma. The payslips are available electronically in MyVisma, but they can also be sent to the employee's home address at an extra charge.

Visma payroll consultants

Visma payroll consultants

The convenience of web-based software

As a Visma customer, you will have access to our user friendly and web-based software. All the tools are available with single sign-on through our web portal, MyVisma.

Cloud based customer tools

We offer user-friendly and effective web based systems and procedures that can exchange data with accounting systems and pre-systems.

Our automated solution for payroll management means that customers spend less time on payroll administration.

One portal for all your needs

Due to local legal variations, payroll systems are different in each of the Nordic countries.

To overcome this we have developed MyVisma. The web portal can be used in the appropriate language for each country.

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Visma's Nordic offices

Payroll Norway


Our Oslo office handles the Nordic customers in Norway. We have around 12,000 customers in various industries, from small and medium sized businesses to large international corporations.

Key facts:
  • 140 payroll consultants
  • HQ in Oslo
  • 50+ offices in Norway
  • 1.000+ employees
  • Payroll systems: Visma Lønn and Visma Enterprise HRM

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Payroll Sweden


In Sweden, we offer our payroll services to Nordic companies through our payroll centre in Upplands Väsby and in Stockholm. We have roughly 2,000 customers.

Key facts:
  • 125 payroll consultants
  • HQ in Stockholm
  • 8 offices in Sweden
  • 400+ employees
  • Payroll systems: Agda PS, HogiaLön Plus, HRM
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Payroll Denmark


In Denmark, Visma handles the Nordic payroll customers through our Copenhagen office. Our 2,000 customers represent a variety of industries and business sizes.

Key facts:
  • 60 payroll consultants
  • HQ in Copenhagen
  • 3 offices in Denmark
  • 200+ employees
  • Payroll system: Epos

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Payroll Finland


The Helsinki office handles our Nordic payroll customers in Finland. We have about 8,000 customers in various industries, ranging from small and medium sized businesses to large international corporations.

Key facts:
  • 90 payroll consultants
  • HQ in Helsinki
  • 20+ offices in Finland
  • 500+ employees
  • Payroll system: Personec W.

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Our services

  • Payroll administration
  • Travel and expense reports
  • Absence and overtime handling
  • Sick leave refund/reimbursements
  • Reporting package 
  • Year-end procedures

  • HR services
  • Recruiting
  • Employment contracts
  • Benefits administration
  • Pension administration
  • Expatriate and in patriate processing


Six reasons to outsource your payroll


1. Improved efficiency

We strive to create minimal administration for the customer through constant improvements and use of effective systems and processes.

By leaving the payroll activities to Visma, your internal HR staff and management will free up time to focus on strategic thinking and development of your business.


2. Focus on your core business

Payroll is a specialist field that can be both costly and challenging to keep inside your organization. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on working strategically with HR and developing your core business.

3. Less vulnerable

With outsourcing, you do not have to worry about staff sickness, absence during holiday periods, or employee turnover.


4. Improved flexibility

Outsourcing improves agility, making it easy to scale the service up or down according to your needs.


5. Higher quality

All Visma's activities are designed for one thing – to deliver payroll services as efficiently and secure as possible.

As this is our core business, we invest in technology and processes, which enable us to deliver our services as efficiently as possible.

Your business will also benefit from our payroll experts’ experience and strategic advice.


6. More value

It may seem as if the hourly rate of a payroll consultant is higher than that of an in-house employee.

But when you take into account all other cost related issues, such as development and maintenance of software and IT, staying on top of new legislation and best practices, and the fixed costs of an in-house payroll organization, outsourcing comes out on top most of the time.

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