Aase Settevik, Director of Brand & Communication at Visma

Aase Settevik

Director of Brand & Communication

Aase is responsible for Visma’s overall brand platform and communication strategy. Leading the company’s marketing and communications resources across all markets and segments, Aase ensures the execution and cultivation of Visma’s master brand.

Through her systematic and long-term efforts, Aase has turned Visma into a highly recognised and trusted brand throughout Europe. In her role, she manages all communications and marketing activities that reach Visma’s external and internal stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners and investors.

During her tenure of over 20 years, Aase has taken the company from traditional marketing into the digital age with a focus on data-driven marketing. Leading the rebranding process of numerous acquired companies, she has been vital to Visma’s successful growth and market presence.

A firm believer in the value of a strong master brand, Aase is committed to building a thorough brand and marketing strategy that projects the company values through all its activities, impacting profitability and building trust and loyalty among customers.

Before joining Visma, Aase held various positions in marketing and IT training and consultancy. She is a graduate of Hedmark University College in special education and teaching. In addition, she has studied computer science at the University of Oslo and marketing at BI Norwegian Business School and IHM Business School.