Ellen Furru

Division Director, Visma Software Benelux

As Director of Visma Software Benelux, Ellen is responsible for growing Visma’s market share in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Ellen works to build a scalable structure in the region that not only strengthens Visma’s market position, but also supports future growth.

Ellen joined Visma in 2000 and worked for over 10 years in sales, support and R&D. She then left Visma for six years for a role in the finance industry that provided her with valuable marketing and executive HR experience. Re-joining Visma in 2017, Ellen has most recently been Director of Business Operations, a fast-growing enterprise software division with more than 3 800 employees in 16 countries and an annual revenue of NOK 5 billion. Her responsibilities have included business development, mergers and acquisitions, integration projects and compliance. She has also held various high-level positions such as interim Managing Director for Business Units in Sweden, and Chairman of the Board for a number of enterprise business units.

Ellen’s broad experience has given her the ability to work strategically to drive division development, as well as lead more hands-on operational projects for specific parts of the business. She is passionate about building a thriving commercial culture based on Visma’s values, with a strong focus on competence building and sharing. She also values a mindset of continuous learning in a world of constant change, believing that engaged employees drive engaged customers and growth. For Ellen, it is critical to build trust—both internally and externally.

Ellen holds a Master in Business and Economics from Handelshøyskolen BI in Norway. During her studies, she also completed a one-semester Erasmus exchange programme at the University of Limburg in Maastricht, Netherlands.