Software International Division

Software for start-ups and SMB

Accounting and billing solutions

For our smallest customers, we offer a range of easy to use, web-based solutions for accounting, payroll and billing. These systems are designed to be the Entrepreneur’s virtual CFO, providing peace of mind and the ability to run the business using financial knowledge available any place any time.

For businesses with a high need of automation, integrations and reduction of complexity, we offer—one of the few solutions worldwide that provides a complete cloud-based business solution tailored to the customer’s industry and needs. Throughout our markets, our team of consultants and partners possesses industry knowledge and integration capabilities to make productivity leaps for our customers.

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Software for enterprise and government

HRM and Financial Management

Designed for the public sector and large enterprises, our fully integrated solutions automate complex and repetitive HR and financial processes. Seamless solutions for financial management give customers valuable insights and a foundation for transactional efficiency and control.

Our intuitive HRM systems encompass the life cycle of day-to-day work and enable full insight into the workforce. They include payroll, HR administration, talent management and workforce management.

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Visma simplifies companies’ purchasing and tender procedures. Our customers can easily manage tenders and take control of all company purchases with efficient, digitalised procurement solutions.

Our solutions support all aspects of an organisation’s procurement process—from the moment a need arises to when the payment for a product or service is received.

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The public sector faces challenges but also great opportunities as it transitions to a more technology-driven way of delivering services. Thanks to Visma’s holistic offering of innovative welfare solutions, we are strongly positioned in the public sector in Norway.

Our welfare solutions are used within health care, social care, child care and archiving.

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School Administration

With more than 3.5 million end users of our school solutions, we provide teachers and school administrators the tools to efficiently communicate with students, collaborate, and run day-to-day operations.

Our school solutions contribute to a more efficient and flexible school administration—from kindergarten to higher education and adult learning.

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