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Visma is a family of healthy, modern European cloud technology companies — over 200 in total across 20 European countries — with a deep knowledge of the local markets they serve.

Since June of 2021, Visma has been active in Spain. Visma companies operate independently while benefiting from Visma's global competence in areas such as technology and cyber security.

These cloud software companies in Spain are part of the Visma family

The Holded logo.

Holded has reinvented ERP for small businesses, becoming one of the most popular startups in Europe and the fastest-growing software company in Spain.

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The Declarando logo.

Declarando is the leading provider of accountancy and tax software for independent workers in Spain, contributing to their efficiency, autonomy and peace of mind.

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The Woffu logo.

Woffu is a leading Spanish solution allowing employees to optimise their time, request vacations, manage absences and comply with time control regulations.

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